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Arts in Action Community Charter School

EnrichLA built the garden at Arts in Actions Community Charter School in Summer 2016. It consists of six raised beds, a dozen tomato cages, three picnic tables, and some shade sails.

Vibrant blooms at AIA

By Matt Heidrich / June 9, 2017

It is a beautiful cloudy day here on the rooftop. We got a sprinklong of rain today which is good for our plants! Squash, sunflowers, and marigolds are all blooming, which makes food for bees! Today we learned about harvesting seeds from our garden to plant next year.

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Vibrant blooms in a dry garden

By Matt Heidrich / June 2, 2017

Even in a dry garden, plants find a way to thrive. We see marigolds, basil, tomatoes, zucchini, sunflowers, artichoke, and celery all flowering. Some are flowering to produce fruit; others are flowering to produce seeds. There is always plenty of mint and basil to snack on.

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Arts in Action Community Charter School

By enrichla / May 30, 2017
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Seed saving, mint, and basil

By Matt Heidrich / May 25, 2017

Today we did a seed saving lesson. We explored the garden and found seeds to save. We found tomato, basil, geranium, broccoli, and lavender seeds. We snacked on mint and basil and saw our friends the bees eating pollen. Strawberries are ripening up!

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Dry farming – how to grow with no water at AIA!

By Matt Heidrich / May 19, 2017

Here at Arts in Action we are practicing an advanced farming technique- dry farming. In dry farming, we focus on preserving water deep in the soil. This produces veggies with a rich, deep flavor. We mulch heavily and root the plants as deeply as possible. Notice how the basil, tomatoes, mint, geraniums, and sunflowers are…

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Drought tolerant planting at AIA

By Matt Heidrich / May 15, 2017

We are working with drought tolerant plants at Arts in Action. We learned about why its important to grow plants that need little water. Even without irrigation, we have beautiful basil, tomatoes, sunflowers, and artichoke!

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Rockin rooftop at Arts in Action

By Matt Heidrich / May 9, 2017

The rooftop garden at Arts in Action is looking great! The tomatos are growing, basil and thyme are smelling great, and the sunflowers are shooting up to the sky. Today the kids chose and planted their own seeds.

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Great day at Taking The Reins

By Matt Heidrich / April 27, 2017

Today was a field trip to Taking The Reins! We learned about horses, chickens, ducks, goats, garden plants, and much more. Pictured below is Ranger Matt and Joker. These two goats love to strike a pose. Beautiful, goat and chicken proof beds and the specially designed kitchen in the background.

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Basil, lavender, swiss chard

By Matt Heidrich / April 7, 2017

Another great day on the rooftop! Today we learned about the 6 edible parts of the plant. We snacked on swiss chard. We had a lot of fun learning to plant summer veggies like tomato and squash.

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Fun food and friends at Arts in Action

By Matt Heidrich / April 1, 2017

Today was a great day in the garden at Arts in Action. We learned about seasons-different plants grow best in either warm or cool weather. We harvested and ate some celery, which is a cool weather plant. Then we planted tomatos and squash which are hot weather plants. We saw lots of grubs, worms, And…

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Nutrition and pH

By Matt Heidrich / March 9, 2017

Today we learned about nutrition and that the healthiest food is the food we grow ourselves! We snacked on swiss chard and ice cream bananas. We also learned about pH, using the red cabbage/vinegar/baking soda demonstration. After all this we drew pictures of plants in our garden journals.

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Making spicy salsa!

By Ashley Banuelos / March 5, 2017

Today was a favorite: we were in the garden, making some food! The students wrote a salsa recipe and learned about words they might see while reading a recipe, like chop, carve, knead, and drain. Each made their own recipe template and filled it out as we assembled the ingredients for Pico de Gallo! They…

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Aphids: bad bug

By Ashley Banuelos / March 2, 2017

The garden at Arts in Action has aphids on the celery! This was a great time to talk to the students at about the good and bad bugs we have in the garden. The students learned about the anatomy of aphids and their role in the garden. They also learned about other bad and good…

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Soil Exploration at Arts in Action

By Ashley Banuelos / February 22, 2017

Today at AIA, the students learned about the three parts that soil. They completed an experiment by putting soil and water into a jar and shaking it. After a few moments of the contents settling, they were able to see the different parts of the soil fall to the bottom from heaviest to lightest. We…

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Getting into flowers

By Ashley Banuelos / February 13, 2017

Students at Arts in Action learned more about pollination, understanding the parts of the flower that are involved. They drew a diagram of the Stigma and Anthers on a flower in their garden notebook, additionally some students drew a full diagram on the chalkboard to show the rest of the class. Later, the students went…

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Queen Bee, Worker Bee, Drone Bee

By Ashley Banuelos / February 6, 2017

The students at Arts in Action learned how the hive works, who’s in it, and how it is made. They learned about the different duties each type of bee has. The Queen Bee lays eggs, The worker bee does mostly everything including get nectar, and the drone male bees don’t do much but mate with…

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Fun with WORMS!

By team / January 28, 2017

Students at Arts in Action explored worms! The students learned about decomposers and their functions in the garden, after they observed worms and described how they looked and felt. The garden got more compost and updated signs!

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Greening our Garden

By Ashley Banuelos / January 26, 2017

The rain barely held us back from exploring the garden at Arts in Action. Some students watched a documentary about urban gardening! When the weather cleared students learned about the differences between mulch and compost, once we got into the garden. They made a T chart to describe the differences they saw and felt. Students…

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Parts of the plant relay race!

By Ashley Banuelos / December 12, 2016

Students at Arts in Action identified the parts of the plant by placing either a stem, leaf, root, flower, or fruit into the correct cup. With two teams, students had to race to finish placing all the parts in the correct cup.

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What have we learned in Garden Class?

By Ashley Banuelos / December 4, 2016

Arts in Action had their last garden class on Thursday! We reviewed what we had learned in the past six weeks while we prepared a garden snack. The students harvested basil from the garden and cut carrots, apples, and cucumber for a veggie taco!

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Can you find the bugs in the garden?

By Ashley Banuelos / November 30, 2016

The students explored and dug into the soil to find bugs. The students learned about the different type of good and bad bugs in the garden, which may help or hurt the garden. They found some spiders, bees, moths, and others!

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Where does photosynthesis occur?

By Ashley Banuelos / November 22, 2016

Students at Arts in Action identified the parts of the plant and learned about its function. They drew pictures and labeled the parts and explored the garden. While in the garden they were able to point to the different parts of the plant. Also, eat basil!

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Arts in Action planted!

By Ashley Banuelos / November 20, 2016

As the season changes, the type of seeds we plant do also. Arts in Action students were able to identify where we are on the map on the back of the seed packet and tell me if they have a seed to plant in season. We planted romaine lettuce, spinach, and rosemary. The students are…

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Arts in Action shake some soil!

By Ashley Banuelos / November 10, 2016

The students explored the garden and learned about the importance of LOAMY SOIL! They were able to identify the three different parts; sand, clay, and silt. By shaking soil with water in a jar, they were able to identify which minerals were the heaviest.

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Harvest at Arts in Action

By Ashley Banuelos / October 31, 2016

The class enjoyed their last class by having a harvest. The students enjoyed veggie tacos with tomatoes, carrots, apples, and collard greens! Most students had never had collard greens and it was great to see them enjoying it. The students also were able to review with me what they’ve learned the past few weeks.

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What grows in cooler climates?

By Ashley Banuelos / October 16, 2016

Students at Arts in Action identified cooler and warmer season plants. In the garden they indentified cooler season plants such as broccoli and a summer season plant, tomatoes. They also learned about which other countries have similar climates as us and where they are very different, like India. The students also planted pea seeds to…

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Arts in Action eat leaves

By Ashley Banuelos / October 10, 2016

Arts in Action had an awesome time exploring the garden, searching for the different parts of the plants that we eat! They learned about the different edible seeds, roots, stems, leaves, flowers, and fruit that we eat. The garden was able to feed them mint and basil leaves, which they enjoyed!

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Soil Fun at Arts in Action

By Ashley Banuelos / September 26, 2016

Friday the students learned about the different parts of soil; sand, silt, and clay. They were able to see the different layers through a jar experiment. They went in groups to put dirt in the jar, when water was added they took turns shaking the jars, which some said was their favorite part! After the…

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Arts in Action love the bugs!

By Ashley Banuelos / September 18, 2016

The students at Arts in Action are very energetic and are very interested in learning about bugs. This past week I taught them the parts of the plant where we drew the parts, labeled, and even grew like a plant. The students are excited to see the garden grow!

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The little rooftop garden at arts in action community charter is growing well

By team / August 2, 2016
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Rooftop Garden Finally Growing After Eight Weeks

By team / July 11, 2016
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Arts in Action Grows a Garden

By Hillary Williams / May 30, 2016

Week two at Arts in Action Community Charter brought out the kinders and second graders in full force.   Loving the fresh mint from my home garden and the sweet taste of watermelon was a nice taste of summer gardening to come.  We chatted about the rules of the garden, played the name game and planted…

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Completed Rooftop Garden

By team / May 16, 2016
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New garden at Arts in Action Charter!

By enrichla / May 13, 2016

We built a new garden thanks to the help of realtors from Keller Williams, the largest real estate company in the world! Volunteers helped us build the garden which consisted of 6 beds, a dozen tomato cages, 3 picnic tables and some shade sails! Students thanked all the volunteers with a wonderful poster and smiling…

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