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42nd Street Elementary School

EnrichLA built the garden at 42nd Street Elementary School, with help from Nestle in August 2016. It contains six beds, three picnic tables, and an outdoor kitchen area! Thank you to Nestle for making this happen!

42nd Street Elementary

By enrichla / May 30, 2017
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6 Parts of the Plant at 42nd Street

By Catalina Najera / March 24, 2017

In this lesson we covered the six parts of the plant which include; root, stem, leaf, flower, fruit and seed. We talked about the different parts of the plant that we can eat on various plants. We then took a closer look at different kinds of seeds and how much they can vary in size.…

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Welcome to the Garden at 42nd Street!

By Catalina Najera / March 23, 2017

Today we welcomed a new group of gardeners! We started the session with an introduction to the garden and the garden rules. We talked about the importance of respect and kindness while in the garden. We also took a tour of the garden which led to the discovery of mushrooms in the garden beds. We…

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Harvest Time

By Catalina Najera / March 22, 2017

This was the last day of garden for this group of students. Although they were sad to go it was still a lovely class. They learned all about harvest seasons and how to know when plants are ripe enough to be harvested. The students also got to take home a seed of their own to…

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Tis Which Season?

By Catalina Najera / February 3, 2017

In this lesson the students learned that gardeners have two planting seasons, the warm and cool season. We talked about how different plants have preferences for either the warm or cool season and grow their best in said season. Because we are in the middle of the cool season, the students then planted some seasonal…

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Batman vs. The Joker at 42nd Street

By Catalina Najera / February 2, 2017

Due to the rain, we had another class indoors. Though not as fun as class in the garden, we still had lots of fun learning about insects that we can find there! The students identified the different friends and foes, including the super hero and super villain in the garden: An aphid is our Joker…

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The Importance of Soil

By Catalina Najera / February 1, 2017

We got a lot of rain this week! Although this meant that garden class had to be indoors, the plants took the rain as a very welcome surprise. In this week’s lesson we talked about the three things all plants need sun, water, and soil. We then further discussed the best kind of soil for…

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Which Part is This?

By Catalina Najera / January 11, 2017

In this week’s lesson we covered the various parts of the plant and how each part works to sustain the plant. Much like how our organs work together to sustain us. After labeling a chart the students got to explore the garden and look for the different parts within the garden. – Ranger Cat

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New Group of Gardeners

By Catalina Najera / January 10, 2017

This week we welcomed a new group of gardeners! We covered basic garden rules, took a tour of the garden and set up a new vermiculture compost! A vermiculture compost is basically a worm bin. We add our food scraps into the bin and the worms help break them down and turn it into nutrient…

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Harvest Time

By Catalina Najera / January 9, 2017

Harvest time is always lots of fun for the students! We discuss the importance of timing when it comes to harvesting and how the plants let us know that they are ready. They do this by changing in color and size among other things. Because this is the last lesson the students have in garden,…

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Our Planting Seasons

By Catalina Najera / November 21, 2016

In this lesson we talked about seasons. The students learned that although we are used to four yearlong seasons, gardeners and farmers alike use two planting seasons; the warm and cool seasons. And just how the students have a preferred season, so do the plants! When a plant is growing in its preferred environment it…

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Garden Heroes and Villains

By Catalina Najera / November 20, 2016

In this lesson we talk about friends and foes in the garden. Foes, or villains, are insects that want to eat our yummy fruits and veggies before we get the chance to and friends, or heroes, are insects that help protect our garden from villains or help with pollination! The students got to play a…

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Soil and Compost

By Catalina Najera / November 14, 2016

In this lesson we got to talk about dirt! The students learned all about the texture triangle and various types of soil such as; sand, silt, clay and loam. After going over the types of soil and its importance, we also covered compost. The students learned that in order to have nutrient rich compost we…

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What part do we eat?

By Catalina Najera / November 14, 2016

In this lesson we talked about the six diffrent parts of the plant and came up with examples for each parts that we eat. Fo example, on a tomato plant, we eat the fruit of the plant and with beans, we are eating the seed of the plant. The students then explored the garden and…

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Welcome Week!

By Catalina Najera / November 13, 2016

This was the first week for our new group of gardeners! After we went over how to act like a gardener and respect the garden space, the students got to come up some rules to follow in the garden such as; Do not rip out the plants. Once we all agreed on how to behave…

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Harvest Day!

By Catalina Najera / November 8, 2016

Although this was the last class of the session, that didn’t mean it was a sad day. The students and I got to harvest from the garden, share our favorite experiences from garden calss and have ourselves a little party. I shared with everyone that the garden is their space and that they were more…

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Friends and Foes

By Catalina Najera / October 2, 2016

This week’s lesson was all about bugs! The students learned all about insects that are both good and bad for the garden. After going over our lesson we got to play a game of freeze tag where the students were lady bugs, aphids and plants. – Ranger Cat

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Let’s Talk About Dirt!

By Catalina Najera / September 28, 2016

In this lesson we learned all about different kinds of soil and which kind is best for our gardens. We also talked about the compost and how we can add our food scraps to it to make nutrition rich soil for our garden. – Ranger Cat

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First Week at 42nd Street!!

By Catalina Najera / September 26, 2016

Our first week in the garden was great! We went over the garden rules and the students got to make some of their own rules. – Ranger Cat

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Seedling starting labs working

By team / August 5, 2016
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Our new garden at 42nd Street Elementary. Thank you Nestlé for your support.

By team / August 4, 2016
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Garden coming soon to 42nd Street!

By team / May 10, 2016

With the support of Nestle, EnrichLA will be building a brand new garden at 42nd street elementary on August 4, 2016. The garden will consist of 6 beds, 3 picnic tables and an outdoor kitchen and sink area!

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