EnrichLA Headquarters

A wonderful brainstorming session at the EnrichLA Headquarters to help expand our services to our greatest customer, the students. Much like we handle this seedling; we support, empower, enrich, and spread love to all students, and eagerly watch them grow. We see their potential, and do everything we can so they can bloom bigger and brighter!

Marianela Pereyra

A mindful foodie who takes what she thinks as seriously as what she eats! After so many years in the wonderful world of television, I am now pursuing my love of nutrition, gardening, kids, and mindfulness, with the creation of my blog, The Fuddhist. For over a decade I’ve educated myself on the healing power of food, and hope to inspire every person I come in contact with the information I’ve learned to help them lead a more vital and fruitful life. I truly believe we can change the world, one edible garden at a time. Children are great imitators, so let’s give them something great to imitate!