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When Alta Loma Gives You Lemons…..

  Summer took its toll on the Alta Loma garden.  Vines died off, weeds piled up, and gargantuan rosemary bushes ate the sprinkler heads (thus the dead vines….).  But the courtyard garden in the middle of the school was still inviting, especially after we gathered some wood tables and a discarded chalkboard under a friendly…

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Seedy and Shady Happenings at The Accelerated School

Though the kids didn’t like losing the beautiful mammoth sunflowers, late summer brought droopy heads loaded with seeds to be harvested.  Their little fingers were perfect for this job.  After planting the seeds in the garden, they stuffed their pockets with more to plant in their own yards…..and we still had plenty to leave for…

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Cool Beans at Carson Gore Academy

The chill in the air is bringing changes to the garden, and it’s time to start planting our cool weather crops.  After testing and examining the soil, these city kids couldn’t wait to get their hands dirty!  The seedlings they started were ready to be planted, and even though many of the kids weren’t sure…

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