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Buckwheat Harvest at Roosevelt High

October’s unseasonal heat wave may have matured our buckwheat sooner than average but this did not stop Roosevelt High’s best students from processing the majority of our cover crop. The stalks, over seven foot in height were beginning to lean across our pathways and turning into the darker brown color indicating their ripeness. After trimming…

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Compost Dreams at Roosevelt High School

The first half of the semester at Roosevelt High School brought a long list of new activities for our classes to work on. After contemplating and discussing our options over the remainder of the summer’s sunflower seed harvest, Mr. Velasco’s fourth and fifth hour students have set out to start the school’s first composting project.…

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Volunteer Day at The Accelerated School

,  This week, our students rose up to the task of clearing out all of the invasive milkweed that plagued our beds. Fortunately, there was stacks of onions, beans, celery, and cabbage seedlings to plant in its place. Thanks to all of the participants during volunteer day, there was much leftover bags of potting soil that…

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Citrus Paradise at The Accelerated School

First graders at the Accelerate school had a blast in recording and identifying the newly planted herbs in the garden. Our garden has been providing a steady bounty of lemons, but it was up to all of us to figure out the best way to make lemonade for the entire class. With the tools of…

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Fruit Tree Transplanting

The casual observer at Roosevelt High’s garden might catch common sights of the tomatoes slowing down, or an increase in the sugar beet’s height. Our students however, have taken much more careful consideration this week to plot out the best place for relocating the youngest of the citrus trees. After pouring over the construction plan, the…

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Transformative Tuesday

Some exciting changes have arrived at Second Street Elementary this September!   Along with our first harvest of heritage corn and giant eggplant, there is a new installation of a compost pile. After learning about what materials we want to mix into our compost bin, students collected food scraps, yard waste, and even some paper…

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September’s Standstill


All the goings on at The Accelerated School have been full of productivity and excitement! Although it rained out on our first day of classes, students were eager to start drawing our garden maps  from memory. Next time we get to walk out there, many drawings and observations will be taken note of. September’s harvest came in…

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6th Grade Sessions


As our new October session starts our group of sixth and fifth graders have started to scout out what locations would be excellent for our fruit tree grafting project. A difficult feat, but after individual research on root growth mediums, and excited planning on bringing in trimmed branches from home we called it a day.…

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