tomas o grady

Our Board


EnrichLA Board of Directors

As of August 23, 2017

Fiscal year begins January 1st and ends December 31st

President: Lesley Kyle-Wilson

Member since: August 2015

Professional Affiliation: Caterer, Event Specialist,

Friends of John Marshall Magnet

Treasurer: Emiliana Dore

Member since: August 2015

Professional Affiliation: President of Friends of Glenfeliz Elementary School,

Co-Chair of the Education Committee of Atwater Village Neighborhood Council

Secretary: Carrie Brown-Kornarens

Members since March 2017

Professional Affiliation Founder and Author of Eco Enthusiast,

Freelance Graphic Designer,

Volunteer at King

Board Member Tomas O’Grady

Member since: August 2011

Professional Affiliation: Board Member of Friends of King,

Co-Founder & Executive Director of EnrichLA

 We will be expanding our board in early 2018! More information coming soon! If interested, please reach out to us at