A garden in every Los Angeles School. 

Every child in every school in this city ought to experience the joy of growing, harvesting, preparing and eating simple whole foods. 

We are making that happen. 

Our customer is the student.

Our goal is to raise a generation of food snobs.

Folks who think twice about eating junk.


77 Schools. 18 Rangers. 32 Interns. Thousands of volunteers. We are busy.   


You are can-do. You can volunteer or intern. You can do so once or once per week or every day. Every skill is appreciated. 


You are an idealist. You think learning ought to be fun. You think whole food almost a civil right. Your help can make the difference.  


You are a school? You need a garden? You are a company and you would like to help build one. Let us begin. 

Our Sites

Almost all of our gardens have the same core simple basic elements that not only make them appealing to our customer ( the student ) but make them safe, sustainable, accessible and easy to use. We do not use treated lumber. Redwood raised beds filled with 100% organic soil and irrigated by a controlled drip system ensure safety and sustainability. Redwood picnic tables, folding wooden tomato cages and chalkboards complete the outdoor classroom. Many have outdoor kitchens which include a simple washing sink draining to a dry well. Our larger gardens often include "rainwater capture"  dry creeks. Scroll through below. 

We have created 70 + gardens in 4 years. We are barreling towards 100.

  • selma, carson gore & rio vista elementary

  • markham middle & lexington primary

  • el sereno elementary & el sereno middle

  • calvert & frank del olmo elementary

Our Garden Sites

New site is under construction. 

Contact us at tomasogrady@enrichla.org

323 377 6320

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